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The thing about Clomid (And Femara - any of the fertility drugs, really) though is that so many docs will prescribe it and send you on your way. You really need to be monitored. You have no way of knowing if it'S working if you'Re not monitored while you'Re on it. Without any type of monitoring, I'D agree with the doc that you might as well have an IUI - because at least then you know if/when ovulation occurs. Monitoring also tells you if you'Re hyper-stimulating your ovaries, which can be very dangerous, and is a possible side-effect of these drugs. P.S. Are you happy? Do you love your life? If not, download my revolutionary Make Your Passion Happen program. It'S brand new and not only includes my 10 Steps To Success.I personally walk you through them. Could it get any better? You can take cough drops but they should not have zinc. I take Halls Breezers Cool Berry. (I'Ve been pregnant or bre-astfeeding since Jan. 2006!) I have an almost 3-yr-old and a 5-month-old, plus a miscarriage in between there. If you have access to the Internet, which it appears you do, see if you can go to a medical site and look at your symptoms. Also, I have a medical self-care book I reference called Take Care of Yourself by Donald Vickery. It helps me compare symptoms. The best thing you could probably do is call your advice nurse. We go to the Millers here in town and I'Ll call their advice nurse with concerns about myself and/or my kids. I am 27 ttc since 2 yrs , no luk as yet had Clomid cycle one neg preg test but second cycle wen i took the first tablet my husband had to stop me coz he will be going bak home to see his father as he is ill makes me so mad i mean there is no point of me takin that tab wen my husband isnt around i have been so stressed since then i have been fighting n arguing so much wid him .Anyways yes ppl who have no periods can still take clomid and also can get pregnant .Well im not a doc but my frend has pcos n AF wudnt show on her, once wen she got late on it for 9 months , her doc told her to take clomid , she did n got preg .N also they say to lose weight ofcourse .As it insulin resistence we shud take 75mg aspirin which can thin our blood n makes easy the implantation of the egg n also shud use progest cream every last 2 weeks before periods help our progesterone levelsvisit our pharmacypcos.Html .Vitex is very good i used it for 5 months .Helps wid PMS n my acne is gone almost which is amazing .I took the follwoing:Vitex drops thrice a day 15 drops in water folic acid 1 tab dailyferoglOBin syrup for iron 1 tea spoon dailyroyal jelly 3 tab daily 500 mgvit c and zinc 1 tab dailydonq quai 2 tabs daily 400 mgraspberry red leaf tea do this for 5-6 months will defo help n only strictly eat green veges n salmonthen u can start clomid if still u donot get pregnant .But ofcourse consult ur doc and donot take vitex and dongquai wen takin clomid but can continue takin other nutrients.It will HELP atleast ur body will react positive to first cycle of clomid n u will ovulate. As far as ordering it off the web. Are you sure you will get what it says on the box?! Do you really want to take the chance?
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